About The MAAC - 2016-17 MAAC Staff Coaches/Sports Staff
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Number eMail
Richard J. Ensor, Esq. Commissioner 732-738-5455 x 108 eMail Richard J. Ensor, Esq.
Jessica Hegmann Senior Associate Commissioner 732-738-5455 x 203 eMail Jessica Hegmann
Jordan Confessore Associate Commissioner/Men's Basketball 732-738-5455 x 204 eMail Jordan Confessore
Tess Romine-Black Assistant Commissioner/New Media 732-738-5455 x 103 eMail Tess Romine-Black
Dedra Palmer Assistant Commissioner/Championships 732-738-5455 x 106 eMail Dedra Palmer
Alexis Wayne Director of Women's Basketball Operations 732-738-5455 x 102 eMail Alexis Wayne
Rob DeVita Director of New Media/Communications 732-738-5455 x 107 eMail Rob DeVita
Anthony Ruggiero Director of New Media/Communications 732-738-5455 x 201 eMail Anthony Ruggiero
Kyle Firestine Director of New Media/Video 732-738-5455 x 129 eMail Kyle Firestine
Lily Rodriguez Director of Championships 732-738-5455 x 112 eMail Lily Rodriguez
Colby Wehner Director of Championships 732-738-5455 x 111 eMail Colby Wehner
Brian Merriam Director of Compliance & Student Athlete Services 732-738-5455 x 105 eMail Brian Merriam
Conor Hart Administrative Fellow 732-738-5455 x 111 eMail Conor Hart
Timothy Stiroh Administrative Fellow 732-738-5455 x 101 eMail Timothy Stiroh
Darrin Sealey Coordinator of Baseball Officials 717-476-6609 eMail Darrin Sealey
Mike Kitts Coordinator of Men's Basketball Officials eMail Mike Kitts
Debbie Williamson Coordinator of Women's Basketball Officials
Lillian Perone Coordinator of Field Hockey Officials eMail Lillian Perone
Paul Tamberino Coordinator of Soccer Officials eMail Paul Tamberino
Mara Wager Coordinator of Women's Lacrosse Officials eMail Mara Wager
Cliff LaRose Coordinator of Softball Officials eMail Cliff LaRose
Paul DeCurtis Coordinator of Volleyball Officials eMail Paul DeCurtis
Ed Reed Coordinator of Water Polo Officials eMail Ed Reed
Glenn Wong Legal Counsel eMail Glenn Wong