Week Male Student-Athlete of the Week Female Student-Athlete of the Week

 Kyle Dube

Kyle Dube, Fairfield University, Baseball

Brittany Krause

Brittany Krause, Canisius College, Women's Soccer


 R.J. Noll

R.J. Noll, Manhattan College, Men's Soccer

 Kate Avery

Kate Avery, Iona College, Cross Country


John Egan 1051837

John Egan, Monmouth University, Men's Soccer 

Courtney Shaw 817457

Courtney Shaw, Marist College, Volleyball 


Rashawn Dally, Quinnipiac University, Men's Soccer

Claire Feiertag, Niagara University, Women's Soccer 



Chris Stragapede, Saint Peter's University, Men's Soccer

Allison Baligian, Rider University, Field Hockey



Chad Maloy, Canisius College, Cross Country


Liz Rogan, Siena College, Women's Soccer



Marcos Nunez, Iona College, Men's Soccer

Ann Burgoyne, Fairfield University, Field Hockey


Connor Preece, Marist College, Men's Soccer 

Kristen Sconiezcny, Manhattan College, Women's Soccer


 Brennan Koslow, Niagara University, Men's Soccer


Casey Hanna, Monmouth University, Field Hockey



Christian Flath, Rider University, Men's Soccer


Jess Fontaine, Quinnipiac University, Women's Soccer




Matt Needham, Siena College, Men's Soccer

Lauren Behrens, St. Peter's University, Volleyball



Kevin Duncan, Fairfield University, Men's Golf


Clare Battaglia, Canisius College, Swimming & Diving





Alex Shackley, Manhattan College, Men's Soccer


Claire Archibald, Iona College, Volleyball


Justin Robinson, Monmouth University, Men's Basketball 

Tori Jarosz, Marist College, Women's Basketball



Tobias Esche, Quinnipiac University, Men's Soccer


Emily Altier, Niagara University, Women's Swimming and Diving



Nicholas Riepe, Saint Peter's University, Swimming & Diving

Tara Ballay, Rider University, Women's Soccer


Kevin Bleeker, Canisius College, Men's Basketball 


Hailey Beers, Siena College, Swimming & Diving



Gilbert Kirui, Iona College, Cross Country


Kelly Mulligan, Fairfield University, Women's Swimming and Diving


Josh Dodway, Marist College, Men's Swimming and Diving


Amani Tatum, Manhattan College, Women's Basketball


Eric Ebert, Niagara University, Men's Swimming and Diving



Jasmine Walker, Monmouth University, Women's Basketball


Teddy Okereafor, Rider University, Men's Basketball

Aryn McClure, Quinnipiac University, Women's Basketball 



Brett Bisping, Siena College, Men's Basketball


Christina Petrelis, Saint Peter's University, Swimming & Diving



Daniel Pires, Fairfield University, Swimming & Diving


Lauren D'Hont, Canisius College, Women's Basketball



Shane Richards, Manhattan College, Men's Basketball


Joy Adams, Iona College, Women's Basketball



Justin Robinson, Monmouth University, Men's Basketball 


Meredith Wurtz, Marist College, Women's Swimming and Diving


Giovanni McClean, Quinnipiac University, Men's Basketball


Sam Lapszynski, Niagara University, Women's Basketball



Michael Marcano, Saint Peter's University, Track & Field

Nicolette Mateescu, Rider University, Track & Field



Tim Kensinger, Canisius College, Baseball


Lauren Smith, Siena College, Lacrosse



A.J. English, Iona College, Men's Basketball

Riley Hellstein, Fairfield University, Lacrosse



Brian Corrigan, Marist College, Men's Lacrosse


Megan Yarusso, Manhattan College, Women's Lacrosse


Michael Fuhrman, Niagara University, Baseball

Domoah Kutu-Akoi, Monmouth University, Track and Field



Johnathan Jackson, Rider University, Track & Field


Alyson Caron, Quinnipiac University. Track & Field



Matt Bellucci, Siena College, Men's Lacrosse


Candice Koch, Saint Peter's University, Softball



Kyle Dube, Fairfield University, Baseball


Lindsey Silfer, Canisius College, Softball

Ryan Lynch, Manhattan College, Men's Golf


Mary Kate McCormick, Iona College, Women's Lacrosse





Christian Vieira, Monmouth University, Tennis


Kyrsten Van Natta, Marist College, Softball


Ryan Keenan, Quinnipiac University, Men's Lacrosse

Destiny Johnson, Niagara University, Track and Field



Jason Midkiff, Saint Peter's University, Baseball


Dana Sensi, Rider University, Softball


Jeff Edwards, Canisius College, Men's Lacrosse

Alyssa Lancaster, Siena Saints, Softball



Chartt Miller, Iona College, Men's Cross Country


Lauren Filicia, Fairfield University, Softball


Mark Vuono 941046

Mark Vuono, Marist  College, Men's Cross Country 

Elena Bowman 967638

Elena Bowman, Manhattan, Softball 


Jackson Lizardo 

Jackson Lizardo, Niagara University, Men's Golf

Sarah Kokotajlo 1881165

Sarah Kokotajlo, Monmouth, Women's Golf 


Johnathan Jackson 1405040

Johnathan Jackson, Rider University, Men's Track and Field

 Shameal Samuels

Shameal Samuels, Quinnpiac, Women's Outdoor Track and Field


 Bryan  Goossens

Bryan Goossens, Siena College, Baseball

Stacey Klempel

Stacey Klempel, Saint Peter's, Softball