The Big Picture of Intercollegiate Athletics - By Carly Holloway
Courtesy: MAAC Sports  
Release: 06/10/2013
Courtesy: MAAC Sports
Carly Holloway is a Senior Women's Tennis student-athlete from Siena College. She is one of four MAAC student-athletes who have been chosen to attend the 2013 NCAA National Career in Sports Forum held in Indianapolis, Ind. This is a blog written by Carly about her experience at the Forum.

Today was the first full day of events at CFS.  The focus was career paths available within the NCAA.  What I enjoyed most was our first discussion panel, with three administrators from divisions I, II, and III to discuss division philosophy.  Here I learned a lot more about divisions two and three.  My previous knowledge only consisted on what I had learned during my own recruiting process.  I understood the differences in the lives of student-athletes with respect to their division, but I had no idea what it meant for a career.  Sue Willey from the University of Indianapolis (Division II) emphasized that when looking for a job make sure it is a good fit for you personally.  Similarly, Dan McKane who is the executive director for the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (Division III) went in depth in discussing that athletics administrators sometimes carry multiple job titles because the size of the athletic departments are smaller.  This panel helped me understand that one division is not better then the other, it all depends on what a person is looking for.  It was stressed to everyone to choose a job because you have an interest for it, not because it may have a higher salary.  Everyone should also take some advice from Notorious B.I.G. when he said, “Mo Money, Mo Problems”. 

Following a packed day of presentations and discussion, we had dinner at the National Hall of Champions.  The NCAA Hall of Champions is a museum, exhibition center, and conference center that is located adjacent to the national office of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.


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