Courtesy: MAAC Sports

Jacksonville Sweeps Weekly Awards

Courtesy:  MAAC Sports
Release:  April 19, 2017

1st Varsity 8 Boat of the Week

Jacksonville University

In the SIRA's the Varsity 8 raced in the semifinals out of Bow 4 against Rollins, Kansas State, and Wichita State, and crossed the finish line second in 7:01.271. Kansas State ftinished first on 6:53.550. Wichita State (7:12.761) and Rollins were behind the Dolphins.In the A Final, the Varsity 8 took Bow 2 and placed fourth with a time of 6:51.049. Kansas State also won in 6:44.936. Jacksonville beat out Purdue and Wichita State.1V8: Coxswain- Claire McLenna, 8-Delaney Plunkett, 7-Sarah Goodman, 6-Meg Coyle, 5-Stacey Price, 4-Veronika Stasaityte, 3-Yailene Herrera, 2-Nicole Martin, 1-Victoria Tkacz.

2nd Varsity 8 Boat of the Week

Jacksonville University

In the SIRA A Final, JU crossed the line in 7:10.715, good for second behind Kansas State (7:02.899). Jacksonville, out of Bow 3, beat out Old Dominion (7:24.290), Colorado, and Georgia Tech. 2V8: Coxswain- Emily Niermann, 8-Sara Miller, 7-Rochelle Martinez, 6-Madison Boyer, 5-Jessica Shipkowski, 4-Jennifer Pavlik, 3- Samatha Amadio, 2-Emily Woods, 1- Alex Pulliam.

Varsity 4 Boat of the Week

Jacksonville University

The Varsity 4 came in second in the A Final and the SIRA's with a finishing time of 8:10.538. Kansas State took first in 8:02.106. Out of Bow 5, JU defeated FIT, Marietta College, Oklahoma City, and Charleston.V4: Coxswain-Lauren Whetzel/Devonna Irby, 4-Maddie Black, 3-Alexis Feraco, 2-Tori West, 1- Katharina Dinsmore


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