Indy Bound – By Siena College’s Carly Holloway

Courtesy:  MAAC Sports
Release:  June 07, 2013
Courtesy: MAAC Sports

Carly Holloway is a Senior Women's Tennis student-athlete from Siena College. She is one of four MAAC student-athletes who have been chosen to attend the 2013 NCAA National Career in Sports Forum held in Indianapolis, Ind. This is a blog written by Carly about her experience at the Forum.


Loudonville, N.Y. - Saturday will be the first day of the NCAA National Career in Sports Forum (CFS), which will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The NCAA hosts the CSF annually. The four-day event brings together three hundred selected student-athletes to learn about careers in sports. The chances of employment as a professional athlete are limited, however, there are many opportunities for careers as coaches, officials, and administrators in intercollegiate athletics. The CSF works to dispel myths about careers in athletics as well as facilitate the opportunity to acquire industry trends and interesting topics from current athletics professionals.

My journey began back in February when I first applied and was chosen as a representative for the conference.  The application consisted of questions pertaining to how I feel collegiate athletics could be improved as well as my own personal aspirations for a career working in collegiate athletics.  Although I am an Economics major at Siena College, it has always been a dream of mine to work with student-athletes.  Being on the women’s tennis team at Siena, I have witnessed all of the hard work that our athletic department does for their student-athletes.  When I graduate, I would like to get a job working with all student-athletes, not just one specific team.  I would like to be able to give future student-athletes the same positive experiences that I have had.  In May, when I found out that my fellow Siena athlete, Melanie Boehrig from the water polo team and I had been chosen to attend CFS, I was ecstatic.  It is with great honor that I travel to Indianapolis to represent Siena College and the MAAC at the NCAA Career in Sports Forum.

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