Welcome to Indianapolis - By Carly Holloway
Courtesy: MAAC Sports  
Release: 06/08/2013
Courtesy: MAAC Sports

Carly Holloway is a Senior Women's Tennis student-athlete from Siena College. She is one of four MAAC student-athletes who have been chosen to attend the 2013 NCAA National Career in Sports Forum held in Indianapolis, Ind. This is a blog written by Carly about her experience at the Forum.

My flight for Indianapolis took off today at 8:34 a.m.  Where was I?  I was still waiting in the TSA line.  While I was sitting in the Cleveland airport, I wondered what this weekend would be like and who would I be meeting?  I started to get excited and nervous at the same time.  Never the less I made it to the conference, and could have been more relieved.  Once I arrived I was ushered into a conference room for the opening speaker.  He was filled with excitement for the upcoming weekend, and told us that over 700 student athletes applied and only 277 were accepted.  I was surprised to learn how strict the NCAA had been during the selection process.  Following the opening speaker, we were split into groups and went into separate conference rooms, for the remainder of the afternoon. When we spent time together in our groups was when I first realized what an impressive group of student athletes I would be spending the weekend with.  Each person is different and equality intriguing. 

Tomorrow will be spent learning about different careers within the NCAA.


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